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This is a project to list and catalogue every desirable female humanoid (or reasonable facsimile thereof) in Video Gaming!

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Blue links are up! Red links, or black (no link) are not ready yet, and need your contributions.

Basic rules:

1) Entries should be "of age."  No pedo stuff please!

2) Entries should be work safe.

3) Entries should be, as stated above, female humanoids, or at least a reasonable facsimile thereof (IE, android that looks like a babe is ok.  Animals that vaguely resemble humans are NOT).

4) A series of games should all be included as one game entry.  IE, no separate pages for Final Fantasy 1, 2, 3, et al.  All under one "Final Fantasy" page.

5) No Apostrophes in game names.  For some wierd reason, putting an apostrophe in a game's name (Dragon's Lair, King's Quest etc) makes the wiki randomly unlink the page during editing.  We just have to leave the apostrophe out of the name.

6) Try to stick to canonical matter (IE, official artwork/renders/photographs instead of fanart) unless it's just REALLY high quality stuff.


Since the entire wiki is only alloted 100mb for the entire site, please try to limit the number of pictures per babe to six or so, and make sure they're quality.  Better to have one 300kb good picture than six crappy 75kb ones. We got 1000mb now!  Yay!  Let the uploading commence! RELEASE THE HOUNDS!

The list as it stands now is:

Fighting Games:


Please help complete the catalogue!

GasBandit 2 Nov 2006

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